Just be still....

As most of you know, I love God!  I know without Him I am nothing and would be nothing.  I trust Him completely or I wouldn't be where I am today.  Actually, I should've died 6 years ago but trust and faith that night pulled me out of the septic shock sewer.

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the reasons God created the face palm.

So with that all said, even though I trust God, I firmly believe that I am one of his feisty children.  You've heard the verse "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." Exodus 14:14 That was meant for the Israelites when they were escaping King Pharaoh.  Moses told them God would handle it all, they needed only to be still.   Welllllll anyone who has ever met me, usually can figure out I have a hard time standing still.  Or sitting still.  Or just being still period.  I fidget.  I squirm.  I bounce.  I whatever.  I am seriously one of God's ADHD kids.

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the reasons God created the face palm!  And that He has to sigh a lot and count to 10.  And whatever else we parents do to keep from knocking the snot out of our kids when they won't stand still and listen. Let me clarify that I am NOT that kid that you see kicking and screaming in the store not getting my way and my mom just ignoring me and leaving me in the floor making a fool of myself.  I may have been a little bit of a brat growing up but I can assure you if I ever did that I would have received the Macky beat down.  (My dad always called my mom Macky when she was upset).  So I'm sure not going to do that God and receive the blessed backhand either.

But I'm that one kid that when Dad says, hey let's go this way in a store, I'm over here wandering off in aisle 8 by myself because I find pretty shiny things.  Hey Dad, can I get.....Dad.....DAD?!  Where did you go?  And there I am wondering what just happened.  And it's not that I'm disobeying.  I just get distracted.  Easily.  Very easily! I will straight up admit I am not the stereotypical Christian that everyone believes you have to be in order to be a Christian.  Am I ever far from that!  I'm the type of Christian that will be the first to tell you that I royally muck up every single day and that I need Jesus! And that includes getting distracted from what I need to be doing.

But I feel that God is patient with me like I have to be with my sons.  I love my two sons with every breath I have.  They are freaking hilarious and they are amazing young men but they can drive me nutzo at times.  Then they can make my heart melt by saying some of the sweetest things at times.  They forget they are supposed to do certain things sometimes; or I'll be expecting them over here and they will be over there.  They get it honest.  And I expect that often God feels the same way I do when I'm asking "ummm, did you not hear me?" or "why in the sam hill are you on the other side of town when I said meet me outside..you were just here!!??"  It happens folks.  So when I finally wander back to where I'm supposed to be, there's God waiting patiently on my distracted cranium.  Only I don't think he asks me the same questions I ask my kids.  I think His are more like "are you done now?" or "are you gonna let me do this now?" or "well did you learn anything from this lesson this time?"   But in the end, I know He still loves me just like I love my boys.  And He smiles at me like I smile at them.  And takes a deep sigh and reminds himself "I love her....I love her....I love her....but I wish she'd just be still!"

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