Bells Palsy/ Ramsay Hunt Information

Doctors with Facial Paralysis Specialty

Dr. Jeffrey Marcus

Dr. Dane Barrett

Russel Roy Kahmke, MD

Duke Aesthetic Center

Duke Center for Living Campus

3475 Erwin Road

Durham, NC 27705



UT Southwestern – Dallas, Texas

Dr. Shai Rozen – Facial Reanimation Plastic Surgeon

1801 Inwood Road
Dallas, Texas 75390-9163

UT Southwestern Otolaryngology Clinic

Dr. Brandon Isaacson – Otolaryngology Neurologist


Boston, Massachusetts – Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Dr. Hadlock


The Facial Paralysis Institute

Dr.  Babak Azizzadeh


9401 Wilshire Blvd #650

Beverly Hills, CA  90212

Facial Reanimation Surgery Information

Treatment information and Case Studies

Before and After pictures

General Information

Support Groups, Peer Support, Advocates

Facial Reanimation “Smile” Surgery Support for Facial Paralysis – a place for people to connect while evaluating surgical options for facial paralysis

Ramsey Hunt Syndrome

Facial Nerve Paralysis Support Network

Courage to Smile

Facial Paralysis The Aftermath

The About Face Project

Beauty With Paralysis