Originally diagnosed, or as I learned in 2019 that I was misdiagnosed, in 2005 with Bell's Palsy (only after being made fun of by the Emergency Room doctor), I had to learn to regain function in my face and smile.   I was told I would never smile again.  But that's just not my style y'all.  I've been through a lot with this facial paralysis journey including getting a new diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome that I should have gotten 14 years ago.  

"Learning to smile again after facial paralysis wasn't necessarily the hard part.  Not having people who understood what I was going through was the hard part.  I never want anyone to feel like that."

I created The About Face Project to be an advocate for those who have any type of facial paralysis whether it be from stroke, Bell's Palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, brain tumors or accidents.  I have made a lot of new friends over the years with some form of facial paralysis who feel alone in this, like they just can't smile in public anymore because their smile isn't symmetrical or they just feel like they look like a monster.  This breaks my heart.  Society can be cruel.  I've been there.    You can read more about my story under the "About Face - My Story" tab.

In the military, about face means to turn the other direction.  I have witnessed so many of my new friends do just that trying to hide what they think is a flaw.  They turn away.  They spend a good majority of their time in public trying to hide the paralyzed side of their face.  They about face their face.  

I never want anyone to feel they are less than perfect just because their face isn't what society feels is normal.  The About Face Project allows me to be your friend, your peer, your mentor, your advocate and your voice when you can't find your own voice through seminars, speaking engagements, webinars, meetings with specialists, fundraisers and the sale of merchandise.  

Proceeds from the sale of merchandise and fundraisers for The About Face Project will go to help children AND adults facing any type of facial paralysis.  

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