About Kimberly

Hi!  I'm Kimberly.  God's rebel child.  Founder and Owner of Kimberly Hackett, LLC, See If I Won't blog, and The AboutFace Project.  Life Coach.  Advocate.  Survivor.  Mom.  Wifey.  


I am a speaker, a writer/blogger, an advocate for facial paralysis patients, and an advocate for trauma survivors.  I love speaking God into people and sharing my experiences of being a survivor, an overcomer, and learning to love being a crooked smiler. 

I am also a musician, amateur photographer, a walking encyclopedia of

random information and corny jokes, an introverted extrovert (yes we do exist), have a huge heart with a dope soul, LOVE to laugh and have been sent by the One they call I Am (hey...this worked for Moses so thought I'd throw it in there).

After a serious dose of facial paralysis and a near death experience, God told me He had a higher purpose for me which was pretty much like God telling Moses to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt. Me?  Are you sure?  Isn't someone else a better candidate?  Are you sure about this God?  Little ol' hillbilly from East Tennessee?  ME? 

After working in the paralegal field for 15 years and being a private investigator for 4, I have found myself with a passion and desire to help others through life coaching, writing and speaking.  So I sought out and conquered my certification in Life Breakthrough Coaching, Christian Life Coaching and Women's Extraordinary Ministries Life Coaching. 

                                       I've been told my entire life that I can't or that I

                                       won't.  I've pursued my dreams and achieved

                                       way more than a lot of people ever thought I

                                       would accomplish.  I'm here to show the world

                                       that God's in my corner, 

                                       I can...and I will.  

                                       Rising above it. 

                                       Overcoming it. 

                                       Learning my purpose from it. 

                                       And teaching others to have a

                                       SEE IF I WON'T attitude. 



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