Forget the Wheel, Jesus...

No one could have possibly prepared us for this year. I mean seriously. There was just no way. Like dang dude, 2020 rode in on a raging bull with roid rage in a china shop! And trailing behind it like a thorn bush caught in its tail was mass chaos.

A pandemic that in the words of the Fresh Prince "flipped our world upside down" sans the playground because ya distancing and all that jazz.

Anxiety through the roof.

Wear a mask. Don't wear a mask.

Get the vaccine. Don't get the vaccine.

Stay at home orders put in place.

Restrictions lifted. Restrictions reapplied.

Parents having to homeschool their kids on math that even Einstein would swear at while watching their kid eat a stale cookie they just found crammed in the couch. Churches closed.

Family members having to isolate from other family members (this might have been a good thing for some peeps).

Freaking McDonald's ice cream machine still down!

People turned on each other like wild animals this year.

Friendships lost.

Families broken.

Violent senseless riots.

Let's not forget the political wars that included an election with the craziest vote since the one between Jesus Christ and Barabbas. No, I am not comparing Jesus to Trump. Don't even go there with me; ya'll know what I mean by the vote comment.

This year has been straight nutso! Everyone is looking forward to 2021 as a fresh start. Ah yes, a fresh start. As fresh as just shaved legs on newly washed sheets on the bed. Sorry guys. Y'all missing out on that feeling. But a fresh start in 2021. How...well refreshing, right? Wrong. We don't need a fresh start. We need a fresh heart with a fresh hope. And our only hope guessed it! No, not Obi-Won Kenobe. Jesus!!! Until we start remembering and recognizing who is actually in charge of this crazy flipped upside down life of ours, we aren't going to be any the better.

This year was tough. But don't just dismiss it. With it brought a lot of lessons and courage with it. You held onto that faith every time you knew you needed to seek God in all of this. Leave the dumpster show part of 2020 behind you.

This year has been heavy and exhausting my friends. Only one day left to go and then hello 2021. We are tired. Our hearts are tired. Our minds are tired. Our bodies are tired. And our souls are tired. But look at you. You're still here. You kept going. Don't give up now.

So as we reset our hearts to look for a fresh hope and put our faith in our Savior we say "Forget taking the wheel, Jesus...TAKE THE WHOLE FLIPPING CAR PLEASE!!!!

Psalm 57:1-2 Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge.

I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.

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