A Purpose and a Place

For a good while now, I have been asking God to show me His purpose for me. He would show me in His time, when He was ready so I just kept waiting patiently. Okay, fine. It hasn't been patiently. It's been more like a kid on a car ride asking the dad every 5 minutes "are we there yet?". But dang, if He hasn't been taking His own sweet time with this. I mean seriously. It's been, like, years God!

I've started writing my books (yep, there's more than one). I completed my Life Coaching certification. I completed my Women's Ministries certification. I completed the pastoral counseling certification. I revamped the blog and website. I've started A Purpose and a Place life coaching bible study as well as a group gathering. What is the point of all of this? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???? (note the are we there yet impatience) In the midst of this, remember, I have chronic illnesses from my little incident a few years ago. And that in itself has cost me a lot of friendships. Not everyone understands, nor do they try or want to understand. At first that bugged me. Not so much anymore. But I was still craving something. So on top of not knowing my purpose or my place, I felt I didn't have very many true good friends anymore.

Let's flashback for a hot minute. Last year, I had more women come to me looking for primarily three things. There were more things but these were the top 3.

1. Their purpose. They didn't know what it was, let alone how to use it.

2. Their place. They just didn't feel like they fit in anywhere.

3. Fellowship, friendship and community. That's technically three things but we are going to lump it into one for the sake of this post.

Why oh why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah. Me. This was me too.

Remember the annoying kid on the car ride asking are we there yet? What usually happens in the car? The dad or mom ends up frustrated and snapping "does it look like we are there yet? Is the car still moving? Then no!". I kind of feel like God gets like that with me at times. Girl, just stop asking already. So He politely told me to make a group, sit my rear end still and He take care of this. So I did. Posted a story about an awesome story about women washing clothes in the creek, washing machines and drama. Named it Victorious Secret. Clever, right? Don't get too impressed with me...I stole that idea from the interwebs. And left it alone wondering how did this have anything to do with me.

A few weeks ago around Christmas, I felt myself asking God with a different mindset to please show me what my purpose was. If I didn't even know what mine was, how was I ever going to help anyone else figure theirs out. I love it when I hear that still small voice finally. And sometimes it absolutely amazes me, dumbfounds me and hits me to the core all at the same time. His response was simple and to the point.


Are you freaking kidding me? I don't have a purpose?

Excuse me while I go bang my head against a concrete wall.

Then what in the heck is the point of anything that I am doing? Seriously God!! I stay confused enough on my own and now you are going to through that wild card in there? His response:


And I had to take a breathe and wipe away the tears. He was right (imagine that). Everything that He does, He does for me. I am the purpose. I am HIS purpose. I wasn't lacking the purpose and I wasn't lacking the place. I was lacking the faith to see that I am His purpose and that I have a place. I just needed to sit still long enough and let Him put me in that place. That was how I was going to help others is showing them THEY ARE THE PURPOSE!

Bring on the new year! Hello 2020. God said let's move. Where are we going? He said build it and they will come. Just kidding. That was some strange random voice in a corn field in the movie Field of Dreams. But He did say, make a post and I'll take it from there. Hey, I've been down this road many, many times. Most commonly in crisis or rock bottom, but more and more in my every day life. This road is called COMPLETE SURRENDER. It's paved with trust and faith.

So I did a post inviting a whole bunch of fantastic ladies to my house for a get-together. Changed the name of the group to A Purpose and a Place. I had no clue what we were going to do at this get-together. I thought there would be a handful respond. In 3 weeks time, I had 90 people in the group and at least 20 who were coming to the first get together. Several couldn't make it because of prior engagements, etc. But the part that really amazes me is the amount of women who have commented in that group or sent me private messages about how they have CRAVED something like this. Prayed for it. Needed it. A good core group of women who were there to fellowship, to have a friendship and to build a community.

Holy wow is all I can say. So my friend, I am here to tell you that you don't have a purpose. I know life coaches everywhere are cringing at that. YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE THE PURPOSE! And each one of you has a place. We just have to help you figure that part out. As far as the third part, I wish I could build an amazing community in every part where I have followers and readers (and anywhere else), but for now if you are in the New Bern, NC area or close by and want to attend a get-together, shoot me a message.

I do have....scratch that....God has some plans in the works for all of you amazing people outside of this area. So hang tight my pretties. You haven't been forgotten.

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