Haters Gonna Hate

"Haters gonna hate." How many of you have said this? Let me start this post with I have been just as guilty in the past of thinking this as anyone else.  And it took someone telling me how stupid I was being and knock it off to realize that I really don’t have haters.   Jesus had haters.  They crucified him.  If you have someone trying to do that, then yes…yes you do have haters!  Otherwise, what you have are people who hate themselves.  They don’t like the fact that you are doing something worthy.  Doing something great.  Doing something to better yourself.  They may be jealous but they don’t hate you.  They are dissatisfied with themselves and the world they live in but instead of using you as a growing tool, they just let it control their self loathing and they try to punish you for it.

Their self misery is their problem, not yours.

So what about those keyboard warriors who leave nasty remarks on your social media? I’m not speaking of people who leave actual constructive criticism.  That may actually be helpful.  I’m talking about the ones that make you want to log in and fight back!  But guess what?  That rarely works.  They aren’t leaving those remarks to “be right”.  They are leaving them to upset you.  And if you start firing back, they’ve won.  So just do one of the following (or all of them):  don’t read comments from people you know that are known to only leave nasty remarks, delete them, or block them.  And then keep on climbing.  Use their negativity as stepping stones to the top.  Learn how NOT to be like them and how TO BE a positive influence for others.  Personally, I love it when people tell me how I’m an inspiration and how much I make them laugh.  That delights my heart and soul much more than thinking I’m going to ruffle someone’s feathers. Now, you might have some people who genuinely dislike you. That’s okay.  I have them.  You might have actually done something to make someone not like you that much.  They don’t want to be your friend.  They don’t want to talk to you.  But they truly don’t hate you. I’m noticing a lot of people who seem to think that they need a multitude of haters to feel important.  And they are boasting about it all over social media.  Pull your head out of your butt!  You are only giving the ones who might not like you some fuel.   Maybe start with asking that person why they may not like you.  You might be surprised and find out that it might be something simple and easily mended. 

You are going to have people in life who genuinely just don’t even like themselves. You’re not going to fix everyone.  And not everyone is always going to like you.  But hate is a strong word and chances are they don't hate you at all.  But if there is someone out there that is just weighing heavy on your heart as to what their beef is with you, talk to them about it.   If it’s not resolvable and it’s something that they are the only one with an issue, then just walk away.  Their self-misery is not your problem, it’s theirs.

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