Ooops.....I did it again.

So as I was driving around on a much needed mini-vacation recently, my mind started to wonder. And before long, regret set in. I got to thinking about what I didn’t do with my sister who had been killed in a car accident last year. Which then spiraled to what I hadn’t done with so many other things in my life. Which then spiraled into things that I had done that were mistakes. And before long, I felt horrible about myself. Which is exactly what Satan wanted me to do. And it was stealing my long awaited and much needed joy from my mini-vacation! So I snapped myself out of it. There was absolutely nothing I could do at that point about any of it except learn from what I had or hadn’t done, move on and make myself better from it all.

I am not the mistakes I have made.

I was with family who loved me for me. I was with my somewhat sweet but crazy nieces and nephews who love me because in some sort of twisted way I make them laugh and they know they are loved back. I was at the beach! I was having a good time. Satan you sure are a pain in my anus!

You wouldn’t laugh at the same joke over and over. Because after so many times, it starts losing its value. My oldest son used to tell us the same joke. Everyday. Several times a day. He was 4, so we would laugh each time. But as time went on the laugh came with a small cringe and suggestions of "hey buddy how about we try to find some more jokes since you're so good at telling that one?" We even bought him a new joke book but he wasn't having none of that nonsense. The same goes for dwelling on something from your past or mistake(s) you’ve made. Why would you continue to dwell on something that itself loses value as well as a joke after being played over and over in our minds. The only thing you are doing is torturing yourself. Stop that. Let's find you a new book to discover. And when I say book, I mean a new goal or a new outlook on life. Something positive to keep the evil one from pinging bad thoughts about ourselves around in our brains like a pinball machine.

Sadly, this world we live in preaches we have to be and need to be perfect. We are misguided into thinking that the only option we have is to succeed and on the first attempt. And today’s society has driven into our craniums that anything other than success is utter and total failure. Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you THAT'S A LIE!  Life does NOT come with an instruction manual. Not even a picture booklet!   If you can’t make mistakes; you can’t make decisions.

We  ALL make mistakes. And anyone who says that they don’t, needs a reality check. Sometimes some of us have to make the same mistakes over and over. It’s what we do.   We do things in the moment because they feel good but knowing in the end there is an unfortunate outcome awaiting for us. And once it happens, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to start shifting through the wreckage we’ve created and start loathing who we are.   And Satan wants nothing more than you to put that on repeat and get it stuck in your head so you feel bad. Instead, what you need to be doing is forgiving yourself. I want you to repeat this after me: I AM NOT THE MISTAKES I HAVE MADE!  And you shouldn’t keep punishing yourself for them.   Behind every successful man and woman is some sort of crazy path they’ve taken with chips, bumps and bruises and regret for what they could’ve done differently.

Now if you want to analyze the situation itself to come up with a better solution and how to grow from it, by all means, analyze your little heart away. But don’t analyze too long or you’ll develop paralysis by analysis. I’ve been told I have that. I study on something too long til I can’t do anything with it at all because my brain has frozen.   But don’t let the path you took dictate your decisions you make in the rest of your life.

No one will ever be free of “getting life wrong”. It’s how you handle it and move forward in your life that matters.   You are so much more than any mistake you’ve ever made.

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