So you've been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance.....what now?

Or as I sarcastically call it...The IR.  As much as I would love to blame my Insulin Resistance problem on the Septic Shock ordeal, sadly, I had this previous to that.  And maybe you are like I was when I got my diagnosis.  Confused and nothing short of pissy about it.  I went into my diagnosis with a horrible attitude.  But after reflecting back, I realize that it was because I didn't have anyone to explain it to me very well until a few months into my journey with it.  

So lucky for you I am!  I'm going to explain it (and the difference in The IR and Diabetes) as simply as I know how and for what made sense for me.   Ready?  


People with insulin dependent diabetes do NOT have enough insulin.  Their cute little pancreas' have stopped making it.  Therefore, they have to take insulin injections to have enough for their body.  

The IR

Basically, those of us with The IR, have insulin.  Our pancreas still produces it.  But our body can't absorb it or break it down, so it just stores it as....wait for it...FAT!  Like I need any help with that!  So we need a good balanced lifestyle of food and weight training exercise...and sometimes help control the insulin levels.  


Now keep that in mind because over time The IR can indeed result in diabetes if it's not controlled.  Why? 

Because eventually our little sweet pancreas and our body will have a meeting and decide that "Hey, we have plenty of insulin stored up and making too much insulin, so let's just stop!  And voila...DIA-BEE-TUS!  Yikes.  

Okay, that is the extent of my knowledge of that.  There are so many factors revolving around Type I, Type II, Juvenile Diabetes.   Please, please see an Endocrinologist aka a Diabetic Doctor if you have any of those or if you have The IR.   They are just more adequately trained and specialize in this field.  I love my Endo Doc!