What Healthier Food looks Like

Group A:  Non-starchy Vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables have little effect on insulin and blood sugar levels.  Build your diet around these vegetables.  

Asparagus             Cabbage          Okra                      Lettuce              Turnips                  Eggplant

Mushrooms          Onions            Spinach                 Mustard Greens  Cucumber            Broccoli

Green Beans        Snow Peas    Peppers                Cauliflower        Zucchini                Radishes

Water Chestnuts  Tomatoes      Carrots                  Brussel Sprouts    Turnip Greens

Group C:  Fruit

Fruit does contain carbohydrates (natural sugar) plus vitamins, fiber and generally fewer calories.  Sweet fruits with low fiber content such as bananas, pineapple, grapes, watermelon and raisins need to be limited and eaten with a meal rather than as a snack.  

Suggested fruits:

Apple                    Apricots    Cantaloupe          Honeydew    Cherries                Kiwi

Grapefruit             Oranges     

Pear                       Peach              Plum                      Raspberries 

Blueberries           Strawberries

Group E:  Starch

Controlling your intake of starches is a major part of this diet because many starches are processed and provide little nutrition  Choose your starches from foods with lots of fiber and little sugar.  Limit even these starches to a serving size with a protein per meal.  

Suggested starches:

Kidney beans                  Pinto beans

Lentils                              Chick peas

Black-eyed peas              Soybeans

Sweet potato                    Navy beans

Cereals:  cold cereal is not recommended no matter what the fiber content.  Oatmeal (regular or high fiber instant) is recommended.

Breads - serving size is 1 slice.  Eat only breads with 3 or more grams of fiber per slice and low in sugar.  

Group G:  Beverages

Avoid beverages with added sugar including fruit juice.   Drink sugar free beverages such as:

Water                       Unsweet Tea

Crystal Lite              Club Soda

Fruit2o                     Propel

Gatorade G2           Coffee

Protein Shakes (whey isolate protein)

Diet Soda (use sparingly)

Use Stevia, Truvia or SweetLeaf to sweeten tea and coffee.  Use MIO, Crystal Lite or any of the sugar free flavor packets to flavor water

Group B: Meat and Protein

Avoid fried foods.  Trim visible fat from the beef and pork.  Do not eat the skin of chicken, turkey or fish.  

Choose cheese light yellow or white in color (mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, pepperjack, etc.) since they are usually lower in fat than dark yellow or orange cheeses such as cheddar.  

Suggested proteins:

Chicken, skinless              Eggs

Turkey, skinless                 Fish

Beef, lean                          Veal

Ham, lean                          Lamb


Tofu, low fat                       

Pork, lean

Peanut Butter (1 Tbsp)      

Cottage Cheese, low fat

Cheese, low fat

Protein powder (choose one that is whey isolate)

Group D:  Milk

Milk is a natural source of carbohydrate in the form of a milk sugar called lactose.  Even though it has carbs, it is a good source of calcium and other nutrients.  A serving size is 8 ounces.  Choose skim or 1% milk since the other milks have more fat and calories.  

Fairlife milk is a good brand is you are lactose intolerant.  

Almond and soy milk can be substituted but lack the nutritional value that milk has. 

Group F:  Fat

Fat should be unsaturated.  A suggested serving per meal is 2 teaspoons.  Avoid most fat-free products since many are higher in carbohydrates.

Suggested fats:

Canola Oil                       Nuts

Olive Oil (extra-virgin)    Olives

Peanut Oil             

Liquid Margarine

Salad Dressings   

Sunflower Seeds

Mayonnaise (Dukes light, low fat)

Group H:  Desserts

Just because you want to eat healthier or even battling Insulin Resistance, does not mean that you can't enjoy dessert!  Just avoid the sugar.  It's the devil!


Sugar Free Popsicles 

Plain Greek Yogurt mixed with fruit

Plain Greek Yogurt mixed with sugar free pudding mix

Protein shakes

Please note, I am NOT a registered nutritionist.  The information listed on this page and on the following pages follows a healthier eating style geared towards people with insulin resistance and is what works for me.  I can only provide what are the healthier options to eat.  You will need to consult your nutritionist for serving sizes.  

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